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Scotland is one of the countries that compose the Great Britain and the Northern Ireland United Kingdom located in northwest Europe.

Scotland consists of islands such as the northern part of the Great Britain island, the SHETLAND islands, the Orkney islandss, and Hebrides islands. Rich nature and the history invent a lot of cultures.

It touches Colombia and the south in Guyana and the west in the east in the federal Republic nation located in the South America northern part ..Brazil and the border.., and the north faces Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean Venezuela.

It is known as a treasure house of leading nature, and magnificent nature touches a lot of tourists also in the South America continent.
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What is the ST20 processor and why should I care? Well the ST20 processor is used in a lot of TV set-top-boxes and sometimes these boxes do not work like they should.
Unfortunately, there is (almost) no source code available, so our only option is to change the firmware. This website provides a disassembler, which can turn the bytes of the firmware into ST20 assembly. In the future we hope to add some more capabilities, like for instance an interactive disassembler and an assembler. This tool is not for watching subscription television! The tool is to understand better your set-top-box and perhaps add some new features to it. We cannot control what you use the tool for, but would like to stress that watching subscription television, without a legal subscription is (in many countries) illegal.